At De La Rosa, we are committed to growing responsibly, and for us, sustainability is not just a trend; it's an opportunity to create high-quality clothing while minimizing our environmental impact. We are proud to say that 53.3% of our garments are now made from sustainable materials, and just like ants working together to build a colony, we believe in collective action for a sustainable future. That's why we have selected 3 goals from the United Nations Sustainable Development program to work on and develop various initiatives. Here are some examples.

zero waste

We actively work within our collections so that each design reflects our efficient pattern-making approach, focusing our strategy on every detail. Patterns that fit and utilize small areas by eliminating irregular shapes, bringing unique garments to life while significantly reducing textile waste."

Smart Releases

"We design drops, small collections with limited designs focused on our customer profile to ensure sales and maximize the use of our textiles. Our goal is to avoid excess inventory or stagnant products, which can lead to waste and reduced profitability. In this way, we promote a more conscious and sustainable production, adapting to the real needs of the market and minimizing our impact."

responsible packaging

For our packaging, we use 100% cotton bags and FSC certified packaging from sustainable forests, ensuring responsible sourcing of paper, crucial for mitigating waste that harms the environment. Choosing eco-friendly packaging is essential to preserve our natural resources and reduce our environmental impact.


"We use sustainable and natural materials such as 100% Linen and 100% Cotton in the majority of our collections, applying strategies that optimize the entirety of the textile to minimize our impact and contribute to the health of the planet."

textile transformation

Every bit of fabric is valuable to us. At DE LA ROSA Tulum, we creatively reuse scraps in other projects or transform them into accessories such as labels and bags. This way, we consciously close the lifecycle of our materials.


Each piece is a testament to the dedication and talent of those who create it. We value the artistry of women from Mayan communities, who fill our products with life and meaning through their embroidery. With every purchase, you are also directly supporting these artisans, ensuring a more equitable and just future.

positive workdays

We deeply value the well-being and safety of our human team. That's why we create positive workdays with healthy spaces, improving and fostering the best work environment. We strive to ensure fair and safe working conditions, promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in our workplace.