$ 150 U$D


Create amazing ideas, create great thoughts every day. Happy thoughts lead us to happy lives.

Underneath this hat your mind is your ally in creating amazing thoughts that expand beyond any limit you could imagine like magical sparks.

Channel with the Eureka feeling, when you reach that insight moment you feel the joy of being connected to the universe and being filled with life itself.

It is a marvelous way to conceive the mind as a complex and perfect machinery where we create thoughts, projects, dreams, images, words. It is like being an inventor or a scientist, or even a painter.

Everything we create in our minds can be materialized outside our heads and meld into reality. 

Make it happen with Eureka Hat!


. M - L


. Suede /  Gamuza

. 24k Gold Plated Silver ANTS Pin 

. Leather Thread

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