USD$ 245
- 925 Sterling Silver / Blackened Silver
- Weight:  28,5 gr / Thickness: 2 mm
- Made with the Energy of the Sun, Jungle & Ocean

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Explore Your Wild Side

The JUNGLE COLLECTION connects us with the essence of life. 
The palm trees’ trunk texture encloses millions of years of life in this planet, these plants have witnessed the beginning of humanity. Their wisdom is part of the jungle, where nature’s force lies within.

Feel yourself part of nature’s wildness by incorporating these unique designs as a part of your daily life, reminding yourself that you can rely on that inner strength.

    PRODUCT CARE      

-  Blackened sterling silver has been intentionally darkened, and cleaning it may strip some or all of the dark patina.

- The oxidized layer will fade with frequent wear, especially on jewelry items such as rings that have more contact with other objects.

- To prevent scratches, keep each piece in its own pouch.


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