DE LA ROSA Jewelry


$ 360 U$D


Endless Evolution. Shed your skin. Life is being and becoming


Our best-selling and most iconic collection. Snakes are emblematic animals, one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols of healing powers and opportunities in the world. Snakes shed their skin periodically to be able to continue with their growth. We are constantly evolving and growing to be the best versions of ourselves. Feel empowered by this mythical figure, let it embrace your skin and body.

Snakes are mysterious. The pieces in this collection accent your look with a statement feeling of being empowered and unique. 

Wear the snakes collection to feel the potential of transformation and rebirth within you.

Be Endless Evolution. Shed your skin. Life is being and becoming.



24K polished yellow gold plated silver.

Choose the stone. Yellow Citrine, Blue Topaz or Quartz. 


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