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USD$ 290
24K Gold Plated Brass / Green zirconias
- Weight: 28,3 gr / Thickness: 5 mm
- Made with the Energy of the Sun, Jungle & Ocean

  We Wanna Make You Happy
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- 100% Free Returns & Exchange


Shed your skin.

Life is being & becoming.

Be excited about change and what new challenges will give you, it's all a part of your evolution. Follow your own path and do what is best for you.

This piece has the “Wow” effect! It is so unique, creative and powerful that everyone will notice this statement's presence,  giving you a halo of interesting mystery.

Be fearless, do what you feel, and empower yourself.


- Always remove jewelry before showering, sleeping, swimming, exercising, or applying any cream or fragrance.

- After every use, clean it with cotton or a very soft cloth to remove any dust - not a polishing cloth as this will wear down the gold plating-.

- Store the pieces in a dark, dry place.

- To prevent scratches, keep each piece in its own pouch.

Easy, right? 


If you are purchasing this as a gift and would like us to send it with a personalized card, please email us your desired message and we will include it with the shipment.

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