The workspace where we manufacture our clothing is a very cozy and homey studio. Setting up our own workspace with our own machines was one of our biggest goals when we first started designing. Achieving it was one of our major dreams coming true and we are very grateful for it.

In our workshop we have our sewing machines that are magically used by the lovely seamstresses that work eagerly with us. This place is where all of our ideas are born and come to life. Here is where the materialization takes place thanks to the whole team’s hard work. This is the place where we make decisions, where we create and recreate.

It is a place where is very comfortable to be at, it is fascinating to see the different materials becoming into the beautiful pieces we imagined and designed. Here in our Lab, creativity is in the air, you can almost breathe it. The sound of the sewing machines is like a captivating mumble that melds delightfully with the joyful music we choose to work with to keep the good vibes flowing.

Our awesome team works along with us to make sure that everything flows integrally. We work daily hand in hand to make perfectly finished pieces. We pursue flawlessness in each single piece so we make them carefully and delicately, one by one, checking everything comes out just as planned.

We really look forward that our customers appreciate every little detail we take care of with a lot of love.

As for our duties in the jewelry workshop, we have the same premises. We make everything very carefully and delicately so our pieces turn out with no failures. As jewelry pieces are sometimes small, we work on them very minutely and thoroughly to obtain outstanding results! Each of the members of the team is a specialist in what they do, each of them makes a different modification or addition to our pieces very cautiously. 

Everything we do is filled with love and passion and the outcome is really satisfying for us all. 

You can easily imagine that not only we make a great job but also we have fun altogether! Our passion is our work so we enjoy each and every moment of our working days.

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